Nose Piercing

The original piercing can be done with either a stud or a ring.  There is a definite spot on the nose for a stud, I recommend that a piercing be done in the centre of curve of the nostrils, and there can be only one spot in one nostril.

The gun we are using is only considered a sterile tool because of the 'no-touch' principle, during a nose piercing; touching the inside of your nose is inevitable. And because the gun is made of metallic it can't be autoclaved (cleaned in a sterilizing oven). Using an un-sterile gun to pierce your nose can lead to all sorts of problems. 

Potentially fatal micro-organisms can be transmitted between customers. And as approximately 30% of the population has resident colonies of germs in their noses, and because of the proximity of the nose to the brain, you have a one in three chance of developing a potentially fatal infection. Sometimes it's hard to get the proper placement using the gun, so you might end up with a stud in a position you're not completely happy with.  

Using a needle to pierce your nose produces a very quick, short, sharp pain. The piercer has a better chance of exact placement, and you'll be able to insert a tiny stud straight away.

The jewellery must be yypo-allergenic, meaning that it should have no adverse affects on the body, so the only metals you should use are sterilized (imported) studs. Silver should never be worn in the nose during healing, because it oxidizes inside the wound, and can cause allergic reactions, lumps, and can leave a permanent black mark on your nose.

Clean and disinfect daily and turn ring or stud from one end to the other. Apply disinfectant on both ends or the ring or stud. During the healing process a scab will form and the puncture site may ooze slightly (lymph). This is a sign that healing is taking place. The oozing may get onto the ring or stud and when dry is like a scab. This should be removed from the ring or stud using warm water and slowly turning the ring or stud.

Once the piercing is healed you can change the jewellery as easily as changing an earring. You can wear gold and colored niobium rings and studs, studs set with gemstones, or studs with tiny shapes i.e. moons, dolphins, hearts.



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