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Whenever something is hand made, it is one of a kind. Therefore, no two will ever be exactly alike.  At times, someone may make a special wearable or piece of jewelry.  That may end up being the only one that we will make. This is one of the techniques, using fabric strips or pieces, sewn together, to form designs of sorts, mostly onto wearable.

Art, as defined, means painting, drawing, design, composition or a skill, just to list a few. I feel, that because we design, mostly all, our products, that our work has earned this title. After browsing our site, I hope that you agree.  Basically, we are not artist, but of a creative sort, Bead parties are a lot of fun. You can design your own bracelet.

All of our products are designed by us. Our aim is to give you the best quality that we both can afford.  We want you to be completely satisfied with my products.  If you are not, we will do our best to make it right.


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