Gold & Silver Electroplating

Gold and silver comes to us from Antiquity. They are considered one of the precious metals along with gold and platinum. Silver is a brilliant white metal and Gold is brilliant yellowish metal. They are the best conductor of heat and electricity.

Silver comes in many purities. Silver in its commercially purest form is called 5-nines silver or fine silver. The 5-nines refer to the 5 nines in 99.999% pure. All silver alloys are made from fine silver.

As well as gold also comes with many purities .Gold is its commercially purest form is called 5-nines gold of fine gold. The five nines refer to the five nines in 99.999% pure. All Gold alloys are made from fine Gold. Gold also the best known alloy is 92.5% fine and 7.5% copper, by definition, the addition of copper to fine gold make it more durable and lasting.

Sterling silver, the best known alloys, is 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% copper, by definition. The addition of copper to fine silver makes it more durable and lasting. Sterling silver is used widely for jewelry and elegant flatware. Sterling silver will slowly tarnish when exposed to air and moisture. The small amount of copper in the sterling silver alloy is principally responsible for the tarnish. Pure silver tarnishes very little, but is too soft for jewelry without being alloyed.

During wear sterling jewelley will attain its natural patina finish, however it some times will turn black is one eat's a lot of egg products due to the sulfur in the body.

Coin silver is another common alloy of silver. Its usual alloy is 90% fine silver and 10% copper, although additional metals may be present in the alloy. Coin silver tarnishes easier than sterling silver. However, the constant use of coins kept them clean of tarnish with a beautiful patina finish. The United States has not used coin silver for many years; and all the U.S. silver coins have been slowly removed from circulation.

Fine silver/gold, 99.999% pure is first purchased on the commodities market. It is delivered to our alloy house which adds copper / copper or silver, alloying It to, 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper/ 92.5%gold and 7.5% copper and silver.

The refined alloy is then delivered to our forming house, which will make strip, sheet or wire for our die striking operation; or the forming house will make sterling casting grain which is used in lost wax casting operation.


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